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Go Viral. Run Ads.
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Inside of Attention Academy you will learn how to create viral content that sells for any product or service you choose to sell online, even if you have no previous experience.

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In-depth modules

  • The modules in Attention Academy focus on providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the psychology and content creation principles of short format content.

  • These are strategies that have, and are, being used at the forefront of social media advertising.

  • There will be concepts being broken down that cover how to capture attention immediately and engage the viewer with content that indirectly and/or directly promotes your product. As well as how to do this again, and again and again.

content mentorship with Seena and team

  • Be mentored through the content creation process every single week by receiving expert feedback from myself and my team of advertisers.

  • This is specific advice on selling your own product through TikTok, Reels and Shorts.

  • Improve on a week by week basis. Go viral and be taught how to turn your viral content into ads, catered to your specific product and content.

The academy community

  • Get access to how others promote their products in the academy.

  • Witness continous displays of viral content that sells and incredibly profitable advertisements, to learn from and apply lessons to your own business.

  • Ask questions and receive the support of myself, my team and the community.

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